2023. 02. 20.

We will also be there at the 2023 European Survey Research Association (ESRA) conference

"Survey research in times of crisis: Challenges, opportunities, and new directions" is the theme of the 2023 conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA), in which we will participate. Our presentation is entitled "From minor data gaps to major errors - Simulation study to demonstrate potential bias of online surveys".

Founded in 2008, ESRA is the leading professional organization for survey statisticians in Europe. Its members include academic, governmental, non-profit and market players. Its main objectives are to promote the use of survey statistics and to stimulate communication and knowledge sharing between professionals in the field of data collection, survey methodology and mathematical statistics. ESRA organizes a conference every two years (this will be the tenth) and publishes the renowned survey statistics journal "Survey Research Methods". In addition to these, it also carries out several other activities, more information on which can be found here: