2022. 09. 06.

The Survey Methods Room Budapest research group is formed at ELTE

Survey data collection has a central role in empirical social research, but the traditional methods are facing difficulties. At the Department of Statistics (ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences), a research group was formed, where senior and junior researchers investigate the methodological issues of survey research. The research profile covers several aspects of survey research, including sampling, weighting and estimation procedures. It also deals with probability, and non-probability samples as well as questionnaire experiments. The research team works with data (using real data or simulations) that are derived from survey data collection (i.e., not big data). We seek to answer research questions that are explicitly methodological in orientation. The aims of the research group include regular publications and conference presentations, integration into the international scientific community, cooperation with other universities and research groups. All these activities are intended to actively contribute to the scientific work at the University.